September 17, 2022

Third Generation (2022+) Honda Grom First Impressions

Nothing dramatic on the newest Grom iteration, which is generally a good thing since both the previous Groms have been fantastic little motorcycles.  If you've owned a Grom before it will feel very familiar, but it does have a few new features that are worth the upgrade from previous generations.

The styling has changed and is blend of the first and second generation bikes that is well proportioned and attractive.  The only part of the new design I find offensive is the super visible hardware  and large circular trim washers that connects the side body panels to the bike and gives a "polka dot" effect that will trigger your trypophobia.

The addition of a 5th gear and a gear indicator to the gauge cluster are easily the best update and makes a the bike a bit easier to get along with.  The 5th gear doesn't make the bike meaningfully faster but does let it cruise at 55mph a bit easier and will certainly help if performance modifications are added.  Bone stock these get amazing gas mileage (110+ mpg).

The optional ABS is front-only and not super intrusive so doesn't kill any of the fun you can have on these bikes.

The ability to add easily add a Honda Grom (2022+) Fender Eliminator and a Honda Grom (2022+) Cargo Rack to the new Grom makes it a simple pair of first modifications to improve the looks and utility of the bike for commuters or adventurers alike. 

May 16, 2016

Installation Video for Kawasaki Z125 Fender Eliminator Kit

We just finished up our product design and install video for our new fender eliminator kit for the Z125.  Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.  We're confident we have the best kit currently on the market.


April 02, 2016

2016 Honda CBR500R First Impressions

The new CBR500R is our latest project bike and we wanted to give our first impression based on the first few miles.  Some of the things that stand out are:

  • The bike looks awesome for a "budget bike".  Between the new LED headlights and the updated tail section, the CBR500R looks more like a full-on sportbike than it ever has.  The pearl white model in particular is quite the looker.
  • Ergonomics are still excellent and very comfortable with high bars, low seat and above average mirrors.
  • The fit and finish is excellent and Honda has gotten very good at their "carbon look" patterns on the plastic trim
  • The gauge cluster is the nice clear digital display used on lots on new Honda models including the Grom.  However the lack of a gear indicator and water temp gauge are a bummer and are missed.
  • The single front disk is surprisingly strong once bedded in and the adjustable lever makes for a solid brake setup.
  • Gearing is well spread but in general too short across the board, you will be searching for the illusive 7th gear on the freeway due to a motor that's happier in the mid range and no gear indicator.
  • The motor fueling is perfect and the 500cc parallel twin makes good power and is a noticeable bump from the 300cc class bikes but it is not as smooth as I had hoped and does have a bit of vibration at a few points in the rev range.  Better make sure your fender eliminator has bumpers to keep the plate from buzzing (ours does... hint, hint).
In our opinion, the new CBR500R doesn't represent a huge jump in performance from the 300cc bikes (CBR300, YZF-R3, RC390, Ninja300 etc.) and the extra weight is definitely there.  Is does, however, make for an excellent alternative to those lightweights if you want better highway performance without revving the motor out all the time.  Plus the comfortable ergos and low seat makes this an excellent first bike or solid commuter.  Plus it just looks better than most bikes out there.

June 15, 2015


We just completed the installation video to go with our new Fender Eliminator for the KTM RC390. Check it out if you want an in depth look at the steps and tools required to install this product yourself.
May 31, 2015

KTM RC390 First Impressions

After putting a few hundred miles on the Vagabond Motorsports project 2015 KTM RC 390, we'd like to share our first impression much like we did for the Yamaha R3.  These two bikes make for an interesting comparison but first, some comments on the RC390:

  • Chassis is sorted.  Suspension feels well damped and OEM tires are sticky so it's fun to rail turns
  • Engine packs some solid torque and still pulls strong up top, but it feels high strung and surges at low speeds.  It can definitely lift the front wheel!
  • Gearbox ratios are great and the bike doesn't feel strung out at all on the freeway
  • Brake lever feel is firm but not a ton of stopping power. Not a fan of the ABS
  • Seat is tall and HARD.  Not sure if it's breaking in or my butt is getting used to it, but it's getting better. Surprisingly uncomfortable at first.
  • The bike runs very hot with the catalyst tucked in the center of the frame roasting the shock and surrounding brake lines and ABS harness.  Fan turns on pretty frequently at low speed
  • Backlit switch gear is a nice touch, but the gauge cluster is hard to read and navigate
  • Mirrors are more useful than most sportbikes around
  • Looks a lot cooler than it sounds 

Not a great beginner bike due to the ergonomics and poor low speed fueling.  I get the feel the bike wakes up with a full exhaust and maybe a ECU reflash. We'll do a comparison with the new Yamaha YZF-R3 shortly, but suffice to say they have different target audiences.

May 03, 2015

New Webstore

Welcome to our new webstore!! We've relocated to a new platform to improve the quality of our customer's shopping experience.  Contact us to let us know about any comments, questions and concerns you may have regarding the new site.
May 02, 2015

Yamaha YZF-R3 First Impressions

After putting a few miles on the new R3 project bike, we'd like to share a few our initial impressions on Yamaha's new entrant into the lightweight sportbike arena:

  • The 320cc parallel twin is SMOOTH. Power is adequate but the delivery and throttle response are fantastic
  • The ergonomics are perfect for a 5'10" rider.  Very comfortable with decent wind protection on the highway
  • The chassis setup is very impressive for a budget bike. Damping is a little on the low side but not a bouncy ride at all.  Front end feel is great and inspires confidence.  Turn in is a little slow but the bike is very stable.  Overall quite a nice change stepping off a FZ-07 which is a bit twitchy and vague up front
  • Brake feel at the lever is excellent but the power is less than expected
  • Low seat and low weight means it's very easy to keep the bike planted at stops
  • Gearing is a little low and freeway cruising means the bike is revving over 7000rpm
  • Looks great, until you see the skinny rear tire it's easily confused for a R6

Overall, it's a fantastic lightweight that's a blast to ride and should appeal to new riders and veterans alike. Yamaha is on a serious roll.  Can't wait to compare to the new KTM RC390 in the near future.

April 27, 2015

Installation Video for Yamaha YZF-R3 Fender Eliminator Kit

We just completed the installation video to go with our new Fender Eliminator for the Yamaha R3.  Check it out if you want an in depth look at the steps and tools required to install this product yourself.