Third Generation (2022+) Honda Grom First Impressions

Nothing dramatic on the newest Grom iteration, which is generally a good thing since both the previous Groms have been fantastic little motorcycles.  If you've owned a Grom before it will feel very familiar, but it does have a few new features that are worth the upgrade from previous generations.

The styling has changed and is blend of the first and second generation bikes that is well proportioned and attractive.  The only part of the new design I find offensive is the super visible hardware  and large circular trim washers that connects the side body panels to the bike and gives a "polka dot" effect that will trigger your trypophobia.

The addition of a 5th gear and a gear indicator to the gauge cluster are easily the best update and makes a the bike a bit easier to get along with.  The 5th gear doesn't make the bike meaningfully faster but does let it cruise at 55mph a bit easier and will certainly help if performance modifications are added.  Bone stock these get amazing gas mileage (110+ mpg).

The optional ABS is front-only and not super intrusive so doesn't kill any of the fun you can have on these bikes.

The ability to add easily add a Honda Grom (2022+) Fender Eliminator and a Honda Grom (2022+) Cargo Rack to the new Grom makes it a simple pair of first modifications to improve the looks and utility of the bike for commuters or adventurers alike.